Saturday, November 14, 2009

A new arrival!

Yesterday afternoon, we welcomed a new member into our little family....his name is Charli. Isn't he just sooo cute?? Charli is a mini foxie and almost 10 weeks old.

My wonderful son Craig and his girlfriend Kathryn have been looking after Charli for the last ten days and put then put him onto Dogmovers on Thursday for his final leg home. It would have been very hard for them to part with Charli. BUT they'll see him whenever they come home. He also came with quite a bit of, toys, a heat pack, day bed and a night bed!! (He almost travels heavier than 3 of us do!!)

Charli is very inquisitive, as you can imagine and yesterday wandered straight under the sprinkler, not at all fazed by getting wet!

Nathan is loving having a "little mate" again. Bo doesn't know what to make of such a little dog and doesn't appreciate being yapped at. He and Charli will soon become great mates.


Wendy said...

He is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! A day bed AND a night bed!!!!!????

Anonymous said...

OMG how cute !!!!!! ohhh that is so exiting !!!
Thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog , you always put a smile on my face !! Hope you have a great weekend !!! Have fun with the cutest little puppy ever ! Give him a cuddle from me ! xx Tina

lindy said...

Oh Kerry he's just too cute, i can see he might get a little spoilt

Ness said...

how cute is he Kerry, so adorable