Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SWV Cybercrop

I have completed only 2 challenges at the SWV cybercrop so far, but I have more time up my sleeve!

The first:

Jules Challenge:

Scrap a layout about your socks.... a layout that tells a story about socks. It must meet the following requirements:

1. Shaped paper other than square
2. There must be scallops
3. Journaling or a title (or part there of) on the photo.
4. Ledger or lined paper.
5. Feature a handmade embellishment
6. Bling

Liz's Challenge:

To complete a shabby chic layout, use the word celebration, colour blue, patterned paper and ribbon or lace.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday C Bear!

Today is a very special day...Why? Our 2nd son Craig William celebrates his 21st birthday today.

Gosh, it seems only yesterday we were marvelling at the sight of our tiny little baby, only 6 lb 6 ozs and 15 days early! He had some respiratory problems at first and was put straight into a humidicrib.

Now he's a tall and handsome young man (not an ounce of bias here!) over 6ft, very caring, kind and compassionate. He has a gorgeous girlfriend and together they have recently bought their first home. Craig has almost completed his fitting and welding apprenticeship.

Happy birthday my handsome boy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

They left their mark

I was absolutely devastated to hear of the passing of Farrah Fawcett. She had a long battle with cancer. As a teenager, I remember watching her in Charlie's Angels with Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. While her family and friends will miss her terribly, she can now rest in peace and painfree.

Straight after hearing of Farrah's passing, I was shocked to learn of Micheal Jackson's suspected heart attack and then death. I loved his music, he was an incredibly talented man. As I kid I watched he and his brothers in The Jackson Five, he had so much personality! As an adult, he seemed never to really find his place in the world and led a rather bazaar life. He will also be remembered for his extraordinary music and talent. May he too, rest in peace. My deepest sympathy is extended to his family and friends.

1, 2, 3 Challenge

This morning I completed the 1, 2, 3 Challenge. The criteria was to include a big date, a quote, and bling as well as two more criteria chosen by me but used in Charmane's layout. My extras were pink, using packaging and diecuts and chipboard.

This photo of my Mum, sister Lea and her daughter Amy was taken almost 2 years ago, but I love it...a gorgeous photo of all three of them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bore drilling

On Saturday we went over to our neighbour so see a drilling rig sink a new bore. When we arrived, they had drilled a depth of 85m but were having trouble with the drill bit clogging up and were constantly having to pull all the drill stems up again. I think then tried a new method and soon enough they were down to 118m where they struck hard sandstone and a broken piece was stuck in the drill bit, so up she all came again! You need a lot of patience to be in this game!

Hopefully yesterday they struck water...we haven't heard as yet though!

Sports Day

Our little man attended his first school Athletics Carnival on Friday. The P-2 program consisted of modified games and some running and relay races. There were no place ribbons as the whole session was about fun and joining in together, but the kidlets did go home with a selection of ribbons .

They had sack races:

played Captain ball:

Parachute games

Stuck in the Mud

running races
The kids had so much fun and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to catch up with classmates and makes new friendships. Thanks to Mrs L for such a fun day. You rock!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I recently received this award from Charmane the other night at the 123 blog party, for being one of the blogs that were involved in the blog hopping quiz!

And these two from the lovely Ness.

Thank you so very much ladies. I shall now pass on the love to:


The other ladies whose blogs I read have already received these awards. If you read my blog, I share the love with you as well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obstacle Course

In Nathan's schoolwork, he's doing a series of mini projects. Today he had to create an obstacle course! Cool fun!

Using, a chair, hoop, sticks, markers, mats and a skipping rope, he created an obstacle course that consisted of walking along, hops, jumps, running, through and over. To add a little more interest I found my stop watch. We all had a go at the course (each making a little slip up here and there) and had tonnes of fun.

Weaving around the markers

Roll along the grass
Around the garden

Through the hoop

After lunch, Tracey our mail lady arrived back to collect our mail bag. Nathan asked her if she'd like to have a go at the course as well. She happily agreed! Good on you Tracey...You ROCK!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This morning I completed the June 123 Challenge. The criteria was fabric, buttons and handstitching. I opted for colours I very rarely use and that made it more of a challenge. However, I am really pleased with the way my layout has turned out.

The photo of Narni (my grandmother) and Nathan was taken in Singleton, NSW in early April this year.

Here is the my Black with 2 challenge layout. The criteria was black being dominant with natural, blue and butterflies.

Nathan is quiet and still...something that very rarely happens, so I had to capture the moment!

And finally for today, my White with 1 challenge layout. The criteria? Dominant white with red and brackets. Using red was a real challenge but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I have wanted to scrap these photos for a few years and this challenge was the perfect opportunity.

Like two of his older brothers, Nathan has always been keen on books and now loves to 'read' them himself. Every day, we take the time to enjoy at least one book together.

Next SWV Cybercrop

Looks like I might have to dig out wintery photos for the next Scrap with V cybercrop!! Hope you can join us. It should be heaps of fun with some great challenges.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MS Fundraiser

Yesterday my friend Joy and I attended a Book Quiz to help raise funds for MS research. I will quickly admit that neither of us a big on book reading, as we simply don't have time. We stand quite a good chance with children's books and card making and scrapbooking magazines. However, we went to have some fun and help raise money.

Round 1 questions- we did really well. We bought "a life line" for the answers for questions one and two, guessed our way through the rest and did well with a total of 14 points and winning that round.

Sadly, it was a rapid decline from there...to the extent that I am not even going to tell you our scores for the next 2 rounds, suffice to say that our team name (The Bloopers) was most appropriate! :-) We DID have fun though and lots of laughs!! This cute little guy was our prize...one each of course!

Frosty Mornings

Yesterday we experienced our first frost for the winter. Add to that, we also had a very chilly wind that kept the temperature down for most of the morning. Nathan had a day at school in town and luckily they have some heating in the classrooms.

This is our frost this morning....but the day has warmed quite nicely. I have been busy in the kitchen baking a double batch of mini quiches....very handy to have in the deep freeze.

Beautiful Blog Candy

This out this link for gorgeous products at Sweetie's Sketches!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweetie's Sketch

Today I was able to complete Sweetie's June sketch layout. It's a gorgeous and very versatile sketch and I loved completing the challenge.

Here is my layout:

The photo is of my sister Lea and her husband Dean, when they announced their engagement.....about 19 years ago, I think. Yes, yes....I should know exactly when!
Consider my wrist slapped.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On a roll!

I am on a roll with scrapping at the moment...YAY!!!! Nathan has mostly finished his term's school work so our schoolroom is very relaxed!

Martin took these photos of Nathan and I feeding the giraffes at the Dubbo Zoo when on holidays in March. Nathan truly loved the zoo and this was one of his highlights! (Mine too!) Giraffes are such beautiful creatures, so elegant and graceful.

Our good friends are expecting their 3rd child in January 2010...so very exciting! While they are so excited too, poor Mum is having terribly trouble with morning sickness...or maybe I should call it all day nausea. I have been going up and helping with housework, ironing etc and Nathan's been having fun playing with the kids. Little Miss 2 1/2 has always been very keen on 'bubbas' so you can imagine what she's like at the prospect of having a little brother or sister. Yesterday we spotted her walking around with one of her bubbas tucked up under her shirt! How priceless is she! Imagine her come January........

Monday, June 8, 2009

A 'scraps' layout

I put together this layout from my 'scraps bag'...left overs from other layouts. Only the base paper was not a scrap. I had so much fun creating this and it took no time at all as I couldn't rifle through my whole stash!

This morning it's rather chilly...winter is filling heading in our direction! It had to happen.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Layout to share

Here is another layout I completed last night. This photo was taken the day before Nathan was born. The way it's scrapped was inspired by Kathie Link. I love her style and it's not one I can do easily or make look as good as her's.

I used Blue Pearl embossing powder on the stamped butterfly. So? you think? It's quite amazing....if you stamp with clear embossing ink and then add the powder, it will be a pearl colour after heating. BUT if you stamp with black ink, add the powder and heat, it will turn out blue!! How cool is that?!

Nathan's photos

At the shearing shed yesterday, I let Nathan loose with our little digital camera and told him to "go take some photos." Here's what he came up with

Robbie's boots

wool butts

along the board

dehorning rams

wool press

waiting to be crutched

shearing shed

Robbie shearing

Not a bad effort at all!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Something to share

I have been feeling creative lately. Here are some cards

and a layout for Millie's sketch to share. These camouflage papers by Kaisercraft were perfect for the photos!

A car rally is going pass this afternoon. I took Nathan up to the main road so we could get a better look at the cars. He waved at every car we saw for about 1 1/2 hours...only one person waved back and another played his musical horn! "Not very friendly" were Nathan's words.

Once upon a time...(yes a fairy tale now)...the drivers would stop for a chat and give the kids a little something (usually lollies).
I know these guys (and girls) seek sponsorship just to go in a rally, have a lot of fun and help raise vitally needed funds for various organizations...but it wouldn't hurt them to wave to a little country kid every now and then.

A new challenge

Recently my brother-in-law Dean learnt that the brain tumour he received radiation for 13 years ago, has returned. Waht a terrible shock for Dean, Lea and their children Amy and Billy. Yesterday he started chemotherapy to combat it. Dean and his family are very positive about this treatment and Dean is determined to beat it yet again. Dean's story will be told here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crafty Sketches

Here's the June 1 sketch at Crafty Sketches. It's designed by Annette Gearside and is so versatile. Entries close June 30th.

A2Z Scraplets

Isn't this sketch just sooo gorgeous?? It's for the A2Z Scraplets June competition. Check it out here . Entries close June 30th.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Nathan made these yummy chocolate crackles on air this morning! Don't they look great with the sprinkles on top?! Fortunately as the weather is cooler today, they set really quickly and we just had to try one each after his lesson.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy weekend

I went to a card making workshop with Mary on the weekend. She comes over to our little town a couple of times a year and we have a wonderful and creative time. We experimented with FlowerSoft this time, which was interesting but I am still reserving judgement on it at this stage.

Mary's husband John comes over too and helps her by washing out the stamp cleaning clothes, emptying the rubbish containers, writing down what we all buy, and generally being the financial manager! In his spare time, he makes fishing flies. Poor fellow...he must raise his eyebrows at some of our conversations! But he never says a word!!!!

Nathan had to come with me on Saturday morning and he was all fired up and very keen! He had all the girls in stitches at one stage when he said "Guys....could you all be quiet 'cos I'm concentrating." He was so polite...but had everyone in fits of laughter!

Nathan's teacher always tells the kids "You rock!" when they have worked really well. If we as home tutors are told the same, believe you me, we are pretty chuffed! So....I couldn't resist making a "You Rock!" card.

Nathan and I counted the 'roos on the way to and from town on Saturday and yesterday......16 in on Saturday and 88 coming home (64 on the bitumen section) and 6 going and 31 coming home yesterday! Travelling times were roughly the same each day. No wonder so many are hit!