Thursday, March 26, 2009

Embellishment Swap

I have made these pretty little flowers for an aquamarine embellishment swap at Scrap with V. I'm happy with how these have turned out...especially as I had no idea what I'd make when I signed up for it.

They were easy to make and good to do while relaxing in front of the TV at night. I hope everyone in the swap likes them too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinosaur World is complete

Nathan had a young friend over for a few hours yesterday so we kept some really fun activities to do when he arrived.

First came the really cool one.....

Their reactions were amazing "Whoa!! Look at that!! WOW!" I had to laugh at the pair of them. This little playdough volcano erupted until the vinegar bottle was empty (just as well it wasn't a new bottle!)

Then I asked them to pretend to be erupting volcanoes...hilarious!!! I videoed them and every time they watched it, they were in fits of laughter!!

The boys painted the last of the dinosaurs and added them to Dinosaur complete!

Can you spot the dimetrodon, pteradactyl, stegosaurus, pteranadon, triceratops, volcano, nest of eggs and lake??

The boys donned their hats and with tools (teaspoon, tweezers and paintbrush) headed off on a dig.
The successful dig revealed a pteranadon.... how could they not be happy?

We have now finished our dinosaur theme. Nathan has enjoyed it enormously.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I don't believe it... I won a challenge at the Scrap With V March Cybercrop!!! How exciting is that!!! Thank you so much Ness for your generous prizes.

I only had time to get one of the layouts done...this one....

Sadly I will miss the April CC but should have heaps of photos for the May one.

Yesterday was Martin's birthday....he's nudging closer to 50! (ssshhhhhh) We had friends over for lunch and spent a very relaxing afternoon. The kids had fun together and we girls had a good chance to catch up and chat about school work.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We had a very different day in school. We did dinosaur puzzles, wrote a dinosaur story, did some really cool texture rubbings, read heaps of dinosaur puzzles, painted a pteranodon, observed and drew about the egg in the vinegar experiment, researched more dinosaurs and did loads of fun activities outside, including an obstacle course. Nathan obviously loved it as he did it at least 6 times!!

Here is his story:

My Dinosaur Story

By Nathan

There once was a triceratops wading in the water. He alaxed (relaxed) in the cool water. One big dinosaur wasn’t there and that was a meat-eater.

Then the triceratops got out of the waterhole and wandered to a bush and ate some of the yummy leaves and then went to sleep under a leafy banklet (blanket). He felt a little tickle and it woke him up. It was a naughty tickling plant and he bumped it up into the air. A pterodactyl caught that naughty tickling plant and took it home to his nest. A rock came shooting out of the sky and landed on the triceratops BANG! He woke up and runned (ran) into the waterhole. The brontosaurus recued (rescued) him. They saw a big tree cave and crept in it. They went to sleep with the little plants.

The end.

Then after lunch we ducked in to town as Martin was chasing a tractor part that was in the mail.

While in town, I managed to buy a little model of a pteranodon skeleton. This will be buried in the sandpit and Nathan will become a paeleantologist and dig it up very carefully then put it together. We also have some chicken bones for another experiment. Whoo hoo...what fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Layouts to share

On the weekend I did a little scrapping.

I did this layout for Wendy's challenge for the cybercrop at Scrap with V. Her challenge was to include items starting with the letters in the word change.

This is a photo of my gorgeous soon to be Miss 17 niece Amy.

I used c - circle, h - holes, a - alphas, n - new in stash (BG Marrakech papers), g - glitz, e - embroidery thread and embellishments. I love the way this layout turned out.

I also completed another 2 layouts, but not for the cybercrop.

Dinosaur World begins

We began the day with playdough activities again. After doing lots of prints from leaves, bark and sticks etc Nathan then made another little dinosaur from the dough. This time he chose to make a pachycephalosaurus. Here it is with the model. A very good likeness.

Then we wre off to tackle BIG things. Last night I drew a rather large but rather slim triceratops and Nathan collaged it for our big Dinosaur World.

Then outside we went to draw and paint a volcano, complete with eruption in progress!

From this, Nathan also learnt what colours mixed together to make brown!

We also played dinosaur lotto, sang songs, did finger ryhmes and played with felt cut outs on a felt board and Nathan made up a short story of what they were doing.

We have also started an see what happen to an egg when it sits in a container of vinegar....observations will be made a couple of times a day.

I have some prep to do for tomorrow...anyone care to draw a stegosaurus??? I have drawn a pteranadon and pteradactyl.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dinosaur Crazy

Nathan has finished all of his papers for Term 1 , so now we are doing our own theme .....Dinosaurs!! What little boy is not mad about them!!

We made a dimetrodon out of playdough,

made some yummy rock cakes,

(and of course licked the bowl clean!)

and created Dinosaur World in the sandpit..... complete with lake, volcano, river, trees and dinosaurs!! Boy did we have fun!!

Nathan played in here for ages afterwards. We alsotalked about what it would be like to have a dinosaur (Nathan chose a brontosaurus) for a pet and how he'd keep it clean!

I wonder what we'll be doing tomorrow....(stay tuned)......

Sad News

We were shattered to learn this morning that one of our Distance Ed teachers was killed when hit by a car in the early hours of Saturday morning. Our hearts go out to her family and fellow teachers at Longreach.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some layouts to share

This arvo I had some spare time (we had a less work with school today) and I felt like scrappping so.....

This layout is from Kylie's sketch challenge at Scrap with V.

My cheeky No 3 son, hates having his photo taken, as you can see. I always tell him "Just let me get one good photo and I'll leave you in peace." That will eventually work.

The next layout is from Scap Boutique's Sunday Roast from a cybercrop a fortnight ago. I was unable to get it done then but loved the sound of the layout, so kept the instructions.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Passion for Fashion Week 3

At Scrap Boutique's Passion for Fashion, week 3's challenge is to scrap a layout in 1920's style.

So here is my entry.

This photo was taken in 1912 and geatures my paternal grandmother as a baby with her Aunt Jessie. I am really thrilled with how this layout has turned out.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I am absolutely stoked!!!

I have won a sketch challenge on Crafty Sketches exciting is that! My prize is a $50 Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card. Thank you to Ness and your wonderful team! I have completed a couple of the sketches...they are terrific and I've thoroughly enjoyed creating my layouts.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion Week 2 at Scrap Boutique was to scrap a layout 1960's style. My layout was influenced by a photo of my grandmother taken in 1963. The capure lace is also from one of her dresses.

We went over to Emerald on Friday to get some more turf. This time we came home with 60 sq. metres!! We thought we'd get the rest of the front yard as well as the side done. In reality it's a case of the rest of the front, down the north side, across the back and part way up the south side!! Why?? We cut the lengths into smaller blocks and put them further apart. We haven't finished laying it yet...the last will go down this arvo!