Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Scrap with V Cybercrop

Hope you can join in the fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Card Making Workshop

On the weekend I enjoyed a card making workshop with Mary and John. Mary makes the most beautiful cards and is always keen to share new techniques with us.

The little mice on the card at the left are padded little critters and really quite cute. As you can see, one of the stamped bauble cards features a 3D design.

Mary also showed us how to make this cute little box....all from paper and not a spit of adhesive to be seen. The design locks together beautifully. This is a great way to 'wrap' a gift in a different and fun way. Although it may look complicated, it was really quite simple.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Fair!

This morning I had to tell Nathan we had lost another dog, Flash to a snake bite. He burst into tears and cried 'that's not fair.' We've had Flash for about 8 years, getting him from the RSPCA in Brisbane. He was then aged 2 1/2 years and his previous owners had called him Psycho. Flash was wonderful with the kids and adored us all and loved getting attention. Someone had put some time into him and had taught him to 'come, 'sit' and 'stay'.

Flash decided very early in the peace that he was my dog and did all he could to protect me to the extent that if I was holding him, someone else could not pat him...he would bite them. One brother-in-law found that out very quickly! Flash was not a 'snake dog' and if he ever saw one he seemed to turn his back...maybe he did that once too often.

We haven't lost a dog to a snake in over 20 years and now we lose 2 in 24 hours, you just couldn't believe it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Sami

Today I lost my little mini foxie Sami to a snake bite. I am so thankful I was not at home when it happened because I really don't think I would have handled it well. Nathan showed me where he and Martin buried Sami, in the shade of a small tree, and told me I had to say "Goodbye"....I will do that when I am ready, but it wasn't today.

Sami was my dog, my little companion and only 16 months old. He loved to sneak up behind me and then jump up with his skinny little "chicken legs" resting on the back of mine. When I sat down, he'd bound up, make himself comfy on my lap and give me the most adoring looks.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nathans Kid's Challenges

Nathan created a card and layout for the kid's challenges at the Scrap with V cybercrop.

He plans to give the card to his teacher on World Teacher's Day.

And here's his layout. He chose a photo of he and his Dad taken on the CityCat during our last trip to Brisbane. We love going on the CityCat...a little bit of sanity in a ratrace.

Mini Album

I recently made this mini album for Kathryn as a keepsake from her 21st birthday. Now I am the first to admit, mini albums are not my forte, but I am happy with how this has turned out. The black and white theme is from her party and I chose the pink as that was the colour of the flowers on her cake.

So here 'tis:

Front cover:

Page 1:

Page 2:

And the back cover:

As there were only a few photos, I've put the journaling area on the back to Kathryn can write memories from her party or her birthday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Cybercrop layout.

This afternoon I completed the final SWV challenge.

This is Tina's challenge: Use wordart on a sepia photo and then scrap the photo with a title including the words 'everyday moments'.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scrapping away....

What a lovely relaxing weekend I've had, scrapping to my heart's content at the Scrap with V cybercrop. The challenges are great and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one...not that I have completed them all yet!

Kylie's Challenge: Create a layout of something you do everyday...a time you enjoy and has a special meaning BUT no photos!

Some of the finer detail:

My journaling says

This year I am back in the schoolroom as a home tutor...after a break of seven years. Living a distance from town, has meant my children have been educated through a School of Distance Education based in Longreach and I have been the one to teach and supervise their lessons.

This has taken enormous organization and dedication but that’s okay, it’s my children’s education at stake. We’ve had our good days, our fun days, our challenging days and our really bad days. But I wouldn’t swap it for anything. I love knowing what my children learn, being so intimately involved in their schooling, being part of a wonderful school community and making new friends from such a large area.

This will be my ‘everyday’ for the next seven years and I have absolutely no regrets."

Kim's Challenge: Create a layout that includes, a sepia 5 x 7 photo, stamping, gold, die cut paper and 'moment' in the title.

I love this photo of my little man...a very rare quiet and tranquil moment!

Wendy planned a blind challenge and gave out instructions. Here is my interpretation of them:

My son Craig celebreated his 20th birthday at Dreamworld last year and obviously had a wonderful time.

posed a card challenge using something old, something new, something recycled and something blue.

Ness provided a sketch challenge:

I still have one challenge to stay tuned!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Give-away!

Duck over to Wendy's blog, leave a comment and link to your blog to go in the draw for a mystery RAK pack. Knowing Wend, it will contain all sorts of yummy items you would love in your stash! How easy is that?!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Challenge Entry

Yesterday I created this layout for the White with 1 challenge.
The criteria was: dominant white with duck egg blue and distressing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy week!

What a busy week this has been. Not only has school resumed but we are lambmarking this week as well. After school Nathan and I have been helping with walking sheep to the yards, back to their paddocks or drafting. Not coming home until dark (when it's just too difficult to see the lambs in the drafting race) and then cooking dinner, makes for long days.

Our son Craig and his girlfriend Kathryn have been home helping which has been of enormous benefit. You can never take the country out of the boy, so for Craig it was an easy transition back into the flow of country life. Kathryn is a city girl, now with a serious touch of country. She is doing so well and has taken to mustering like a duck to water.

Nathan like to walk or run along behind the mob and keep the little lambs moving.

But by this time, he'd had enough and was just exhausted.

We will be so sad to see them leave in a few days. Nathan has thoroughly enjoyed their company and like all brothers he and Craig stir each other.

In the last week, 7 half-grown dingo pups (the size of a large fox) have been found on our country. Their presence has had a huge impact on our lambing. An aerial baiting day is coming up soon, but not soon enough for our liking. Martin managed to get on eof the pups, one down and six to go.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I have completed another Sketch layout, this time for the Crafty Sketches September 15 sketch.

Here's my layout:

from this sketch designed by Liz Hicks:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Layout share

Today I created this layout of my grandmother who passed away in 1946. It's for the Shabby Chic Butterflies and Bows current challenge of white/cream background with pastel pink, lemon and butterflies.

I am so loving creating this style of layout.

Next SWV Cybercrop

Are you coming to join in the fun????

Saturday, October 3, 2009

During yesterday's dust storm, I just battoned down the hatches and got scrapping.

It's hard to see the finer details and the all the kindy glitz I added, so here's a close-up.

Gorgeous Flowers!

Want to win some of these gorgeous handmade flowers? Aren't they stunning????
Head over to Krissy's Handmade Flowers and be in the's that easy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wild dogs

Martin has been mustering in preparation for lambmarking next week. He came home after mustering one particular paddock and commented on the dead ewes he had seen. This morning he came across a sight that confirmed our suspicions....3 half grown dingo pups drinking at a boredrain. He was able to run one down, kill it and scalp it (the council pays a bounty on scalps). So one down and two to go. He put out some baits this arvo but they are fairly old, so not hopeful there. We know of another dog on the other side of our property but it seems to be passing through and killing a sheep in each paddock as it goes. There's an aerial baiting campaign in about 3 far as we're concerned, it can't come soon enough.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More scrapping!

I had a wonderful time this afternoon creating a layout with a photo of my brother and I . Because the photo is in sepia tones (yes, I know it shows my age!) these Kaisercraft papers were perfect. My layout also fits the Crafty Sketches October 1 sketch.

Again here's the sketch:

And here's my layout: