Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy week!

What a busy week this has been. Not only has school resumed but we are lambmarking this week as well. After school Nathan and I have been helping with walking sheep to the yards, back to their paddocks or drafting. Not coming home until dark (when it's just too difficult to see the lambs in the drafting race) and then cooking dinner, makes for long days.

Our son Craig and his girlfriend Kathryn have been home helping which has been of enormous benefit. You can never take the country out of the boy, so for Craig it was an easy transition back into the flow of country life. Kathryn is a city girl, now with a serious touch of country. She is doing so well and has taken to mustering like a duck to water.

Nathan like to walk or run along behind the mob and keep the little lambs moving.

But by this time, he'd had enough and was just exhausted.

We will be so sad to see them leave in a few days. Nathan has thoroughly enjoyed their company and like all brothers he and Craig stir each other.

In the last week, 7 half-grown dingo pups (the size of a large fox) have been found on our country. Their presence has had a huge impact on our lambing. An aerial baiting day is coming up soon, but not soon enough for our liking. Martin managed to get on eof the pups, one down and six to go.

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Lea said...

Wow Ker, what a busy week at Lorne!I bet you are enjoying spending time with Craig and Kathryn.