Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sir by Damian (Dib) Morgan 1998

Sir - would it help if I shed a tear
I swear it’s the first time since this time last year
My spine is a tingle - my throat is all dry
As I stand to attention for all those who died

I watch the flag dancing half way down the pole
That damn bugle player sends chills to my soul
I feel the pride and the sorrow - there’s nothing the same
As standing to attention on ANZAC Day

So Sir - on behalf of the young and the free
Will you take a message when you finally do leave
To your mates that are lying from Tobruk to the Somme
The legend of your bravery will always live on

I’ve welcomed Olympians back to our shore
I’ve cheered baggy green caps and watched Wallabies score
But when I watch you marching (Sir) in that parade
I know these are the memories that never will fade

So Sir - on behalf of the young and the free
Will you take a message when you finally do leave
It’s the least we can do (Sir) to repay the debt
We’ll always remember you - Lest We Forget

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A quick game of tag

Now for a quick game of tag. I was tagged by my gorgeous friend, Taryn (I would love to meet this gorgeous lady one day), and now it's my turn...

I have to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and then pass this award along to 5 other bloggers I here goes

1 My 4 gorgeous babies
2 Having a husband who loves me and whom I love
3 Meeting people and making new friends
4 Seeing the smile of achievement on my boys faces
5 Chatting on the phone to my sisters
6 Photography
7 Catching up with good friends
8 Listening to the ABC radio
9 Crafting and learning new techniques
10 Rain...

1 I have 1 granddaughter, who recently turned 5.
2 I have 1 brother.
3 I have been married for almost 27 years...gosh where have those years gone!
4 We have a personalized number plate on our car. I won it on an ABC radio game.
5 There's 14 years age difference between my 2 youngest sons.

I'm passing it onto to these gorgeous gals...I'm sure they'd love you to visit their blogs.

Lea, Joy, Sharon, Kylie and Tina

Recent Times

We recently had a week away spending time in Mackay and Airlie Beach with family. After a few days of rain, we were lucky enough to have glorious sunshine. It was lovely to catch up with close family and for Nathan to spend time with his cousins.

This was the first beach holiday he'll remember as he was only 14 months old when we went to Broome. While he loved playing on the beach and making sandcastles, he was very disappointed not being able to swim in the ocean, thanks to stingers and sea lice!

The lovely Sharon and her husband Barry came to Airlie to see was wonderful to meet her in person. We felt like old friends, eventhough it's not really that long ago that I got to know Sharon through Shutter Girls. Barry had a great chat with the fellows and friendships were forged.

There have been a number of birthdays in our family recently. My eldest nephew Billy turned 16 last Saturday and now has his learner's driver's licence.

My little granddaughter Zhia turned 5 on Sunday and is now a big school girl.

On Tuesday my sisters celebrated their 40th birthday!

Now I have a whole stack of new photos ready to scrap, so keep an eye out as they slowly come to appear here.

By the way, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. With the help of Billy, Nathan left a note for the Easter Bunny saying where he was.