Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Land of contrast

Today we were drafting sheep in readiness for a few days of shearing. I couldn't help but marvel at the contrast from 12 months ago. Then, we were drafting at night because of the heat, the yards needed to be hosed to keep the dust down and we were feeding sheep in the holding paddocks because they were so bare. Today, we were slopping around in the mud (bet you didn't know sheep hate walking in the mud!), there was green feed not only through the holding paddocks but in the yards as well and the days are lovely and not hot at all!

Some of our shearing team are here. In the morning, Martin needs to take a run down to one of the creeks to find out if its crossable; otherwise the shearers need to come via a longer route.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A little something

I bought a PSX stamp on ebay recently and received in the mail on Friday. I was telling Joy about it....and was given a challenge...to whip up a little something with it by 7.13pm tonight.

Here goes:

Just when you think the sun is shining brightly, the rain clouds are back! This morning we measured a neat inch of rain with almost 3 inches in town! This month is now our wettest for the year, with just over 9 inches.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boree Creek

In October Craig and Kathryn crossed Boree Creek in a boat in order to get to town. This time, however, it's considerably higher and wider! The Barcoo River, which went over the bridge this morning, will be holding this creek up.

In the distance there is a homestead and shearing shed.

I'm pleased not to be staring out on flood waters like that.


get a man a buggy and he thinks he can go ploughing everywhere in the mud!

He's going to have fun cleaning it all off!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wet, wet, wet

We had 2 inches of rain on Sunday night and another 130pts last night. One neighbour had almost 4 inches last night!

There are three creek crossings on the main road down near our shearing shed. They don't know often run to any great extent. Have a look at them today:

This is the middle and deepest crossing ( at about 0.5m) coming from one of our paddocks

and into another on the opposite side of the road.

Also another set of creek channels blocks our road to town but at this stage the river in town has not gone over the bridge.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Still indoors

It's too wet outside to venture far and do too much in the garden, so it's been the perfect time to make Christmas cards. I used scraps of Christmas themed papers to make these cards. You may recognize them as Kaisercraft Belle and Delish Designs.

Nathan decided that for teacher's gifts this year, he'd decorate some baubles. Here's the end result:
They were coloured with twinklings H2O and then had gold glitter glue drizzled on and left to trickle down. To complete them we tied some gold cord and matching embroidery thread in a bow at the top of each bauble. Nathan was thrilled with them.

I had a little play yesterday and created this favour box (still using Kaisercraft Belle papers):

The template came from here but I had to enlarge it to a better size.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's a storm brewing

We had a good storm brewing this afternoon...we were out in the garden watching it come closer and closer. This was to the south...

and this snuck in from the west...

No...that's not dust. The storm was between us and the sunset. Can't believe we only got 30 pts out of this, but with the weather of late, it's very wet!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Card

On ABC Radio Craig Zonca is calling for listeners to send he and his producer Rob Christmas cards, with the promise that they will send one in return. If you'd like to send the fellas a card, their address is:
ABC Radio
PO Box 358

I found a cute stamped image in my collection and thought it would make a gorgeous Christmas card. With our summer Christmases, I am not 'into' snow and snowmen but I love this image.

I would love to get my hands on this stamp and searched a few stamp sites, but to no avail. Not knowing the brand of the stamp made it very difficult. I rang Joy yesterday to find out where she buys some of her stamps. I was describing the image and lo and behold!! she has the stamp...and what's more, I can borrow it.

We've had more rain over the weekend...a total of 275 pts. More rain is forecast....

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Hairstyle

My little Dude decided that he wanted a haircut from the hairdresser recently. If I got to go to the hair salon, then why couldn't he? He's been looking rather like a shaggy dog of late, so as we were going to town, I made him an appointment for yesterday morning. He asked me to take the camera and get some photos.

He chose the hairstyle....blended in and not clippers (he gets that all the time from Mum!)

and came out looking pretty cool. He was convinced that no-one would recognize him. Not sure why though! With our end of year school activities next week, his haircut came at the right time.

Nathan had a wonderful time at the swim camp yesterday but sadly the teachers didn't wear him out. I was kinda hoping he'd sleep on the way home, but no way. Today, the second day of the camp, was rained out, so we had a very disappointed lad. However, he has swimming lessons soon, so that helped cheer him up.

Be Uplifted

I recently won 2 layout auctions at Scrap with V as part of a fundraising venture for Be Uplifted. I was not able to participate in the Pink cybercrop, but felt that by placing bids at the auction was allowing me to do my little bit towards the fundraising.

I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous Jodi original:

I love Jodi's style and the way her layouts have some much texture and dimension. She used all of her current favourite products...MME, Prima, Glimmermist.

I will share the other layout when it arrives.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November already?

Goodness gracious...November already?! Where is the year going? I will be very pleased to finish school in a few weeks. Nathan has really and truly had enough, and every day has become quite a battle...only one unit to go. He has a 2 day swim camp next week, which will be a lovely change of pace and environment for him.

I had a little play this afternoon. These photos were taken at Airlie Beach in April.

I just love that lighthouse chippie, so perfect for this layout too. Nathan's comment "That's really cool Mum. Thanks, I love it." I'm in someone's good books :-)