Friday, November 12, 2010

New Hairstyle

My little Dude decided that he wanted a haircut from the hairdresser recently. If I got to go to the hair salon, then why couldn't he? He's been looking rather like a shaggy dog of late, so as we were going to town, I made him an appointment for yesterday morning. He asked me to take the camera and get some photos.

He chose the hairstyle....blended in and not clippers (he gets that all the time from Mum!)

and came out looking pretty cool. He was convinced that no-one would recognize him. Not sure why though! With our end of year school activities next week, his haircut came at the right time.

Nathan had a wonderful time at the swim camp yesterday but sadly the teachers didn't wear him out. I was kinda hoping he'd sleep on the way home, but no way. Today, the second day of the camp, was rained out, so we had a very disappointed lad. However, he has swimming lessons soon, so that helped cheer him up.

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