Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Early Birthday Present

Nathan has his birthday in a fortnight. The heat has been terrible and forecast to be much hotter, when an idea struck and I went searching on ebay. Well his gift arrived last Wednesday when we were in town. Nathan didn't take any notice of the big box on the back of the Nissan, and we didn't mention it...that was until late Thursday afternoon. Now it's set up for us all to enjoy.

We spent about an hour or so in there yesterday afternoon and despite the heat felt so refreshed. So if we don;t answer the phone these days, you know where we'll be.....

Sunday, January 16, 2011


These two decided to give each other a haircut this morning...thank goodness it will grow!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Ever seen a garden shed heading off down the road? That's exactly what ours did!

After 2 years we finally got around to moving it, only because I'd had enough of the mess of plant pots that were breeding under our tank stand. When originally assembled, Martin bolted the garden shed on to bore casing for added strength and also so that it wouldn't blow away in a storm, as they have a tendency to do. This was a bonus when it came to moving it too. We cleared out the shed and after loading it on to the bucket of the loader, I packed all the gear and rubbish onto the Nissan and brought that over.

Ealier in the week, the loader also came in handy for digging the lawn out to finish a new garden bed. I had been slowly chiselling away at it but considering all the rain we've had the ground was as hard as rock! Even the loader had trouble! Anyway, all is done, I have rounded the edges and now I just need to collect manure, dig it in and add some greenery.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


As we watch in horror, we cannot believe the devastation we are seeing in the so many flooded areas of our beautiful state. To have a single town or city flooded is bad enough but for it to continue on and on and almost wiping out some towns is beyond belief. Our hearts go out to all especially those who have lost family and friends in this horror. We are constantly referring to our QBD to see where some flooded areas are in relation to the Brisbane River. It's absolutely staggering and thank God the level was lower than January 1974.

We have two sons and their partners in Brisbane and although we know they are high, dry and safe, we can't help but worry.

Ally Green took these photos in Brisbane:

Please do all you can to support the flood victims and donate here

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Summer Sizzle

The heat is terrible today...well it's probably not too bad, we've just become soft this summer! I will admit we haven't turned the air-cons on. Anyway, it's been a good excuse to stay indoors and out of the heat and well....a girl has to do something!

So here's a layout share:


Now Joy challenged me to scrap this photo of the 2 of us....but I'm yet to see her layout anywhere! C'mon girl...get your act together!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


My Mum celebrated her 70th birthday at the large dam near her home town with family and friends yesterday. We weren't able to get there because of all the flooding that has been happening in our Sunshine State. Her birthday isn't until this Friday, but she will be on the western side of the continent by then.

Wendy did a brilliant job icing the cake and make the roses that adorn it. I'm sure the clay lesson with Michelle at the Scrapbooking Premiere retreat...didn't it Wend?

Our usual summer heat has arrived with vengeance this week, making us realize just how lucky we have been! Thank goodness for air-conditioning...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

I hope you all found a way to welcome in 2011! We had a lovely evening with friends but left way too late...or early depending on how to care to look at it and the drive home was veeeerrrryyyy long. Nathan is a night owl and was still going strong at 1.30am...seems his parents are the party poopers. We've all been very slow today....well it is the weekend, after all.

Nathan was absolutely delighted that the Tooth Fairy found him and left a precious gold coin....gosh I'm sure I used to get 20c!

I am hoping to be considerable more creative this that would be agreat New Year Resolution! We shall see.