Friday, January 14, 2011


Ever seen a garden shed heading off down the road? That's exactly what ours did!

After 2 years we finally got around to moving it, only because I'd had enough of the mess of plant pots that were breeding under our tank stand. When originally assembled, Martin bolted the garden shed on to bore casing for added strength and also so that it wouldn't blow away in a storm, as they have a tendency to do. This was a bonus when it came to moving it too. We cleared out the shed and after loading it on to the bucket of the loader, I packed all the gear and rubbish onto the Nissan and brought that over.

Ealier in the week, the loader also came in handy for digging the lawn out to finish a new garden bed. I had been slowly chiselling away at it but considering all the rain we've had the ground was as hard as rock! Even the loader had trouble! Anyway, all is done, I have rounded the edges and now I just need to collect manure, dig it in and add some greenery.


Lisa K said...

When I read your title I thought the floods had got you too- glad to hear its not!!

Kerry said...

Hi Lisa,
it would take a lot to flood us...thank goodness.