Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yesterday we took part in the ANZAC Day march. This has become incredibly important to me. The men and women who lost their lives in honour of their country will never be forgotten...not in Australia, New Zealand, England, or any other country in the world.

I lost my great grandfather in WW1, when he died from his wounds in a POW camp in Antwerp, Belgium. Ernest Brant left behind a beautiful young bride Florence and a daughter Violet who was almost 2 years old. Here was a little girl ( my grandmother) who would grow up never knowing her father.

Yesterday Nathan and I laid a wreath in his memory, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It may seem strange but when you research family history,  the information learned has an incredible impact.

Sir - would it help if I shed a tear
I swear it’s the first time since this time last year
My spine is a tingle - my throat is all dry
As I stand to attention for all those who died
I watch the flag dancing half way down the pole
That damn bugle player sends chills to my soul
I feel the pride and the sorrow - there’s nothing the same
As standing to attention on ANZAC Day

So Sir - on behalf of the young and the free
Will you take a message when you finally do leave
To your mates that are lying from Tobruk to the Somme
The legend of your bravery will always live on
I’ve welcomed Olympians back to our shore
I’ve cheered baggy green caps and watched Wallabies score
But when I watch you marching (Sir) in that parade
I know these are the memories that never will fade

So Sir - on behalf of the young and the free
Will you take a message when you finally do leave
It’s the least we can do (Sir) to repay the debt
We’ll always remember you - Lest We Forget
Damian (Dib) Morgan 1998

Friday, April 20, 2012

Check this out!

Like this?? I think it's pretty amazing.....

because it's not a real bearded dragon on a's cake and icing! The rock is actually a chocolate sponge...and the lizard is marzipan! One very talented lady made this!!

My nephew Billy recently turned 18 and he's always had unusual pets...first a rat by the name of Angel and now a bearded dragon by the name of Todd.

Happy 18th birthday Billy! Sorry we couldn't be at your party.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Garden Club

Yesterday I hosted Garden Club here in my garden. I had 14 ladies here and we had a lovely relaxing day and I received a lovely variety of plants and many helpful tips about the problem areas of my garden...yes we all have them! I have also taken over being the co-ordinator of Garden Club. I have found it so useful and it's great to talk with like-minded people and be able to pick their brains.

I had invited someone else to join us and her reaction was "So you're happy with your garden?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I don't remember what I said/did. I was shocked that someone would say that! She walked in to a ready-made garden and doesn't know the history of my garden. I am absolutely thrilled with the way it's looking at the moment.

This is what we began with in November 2008.

Now I have this:

For more photos of my garden have a look here.

Happy Easter!

Did you have a happy Easter? We certainly did...and a very busy one too!

We were so very lucky to have quite a few family members home..all four of our boys, two of their partners, my Mum, sisters and brother and some of their family too. It was absolutely fantastic to have them all here. The kids had a wonderful time together and Nathan, Megan and Ben received way too many Easter eggs....they wouldn't think so though! Wendy even organized an Easter egg hunt in the garden for them...there were eggs hidden everywhere!

Here's a few photos to share:

Mum with us kids.

Our boys

Our boys with their girls

All of us
My wonderful family

April is almost a big month for birthdays in our family. Our nephew Billy turned 18 on Tuesday, our granddaughter Zhia turned 7 on Wednesday, my sisters Lea and Wendy turn 42 today and daughter in law Kathryn has her 24th birthday on 28th! SO of course we had cake and some girls had lots of candles to blow out!!

And of course a cake for Zhia

And I just had to end with a photo of the parents to be...not long now till our grandchild arrives...