Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dinosaur World begins

We began the day with playdough activities again. After doing lots of prints from leaves, bark and sticks etc Nathan then made another little dinosaur from the dough. This time he chose to make a pachycephalosaurus. Here it is with the model. A very good likeness.

Then we wre off to tackle BIG things. Last night I drew a rather large but rather slim triceratops and Nathan collaged it for our big Dinosaur World.

Then outside we went to draw and paint a volcano, complete with eruption in progress!

From this, Nathan also learnt what colours mixed together to make brown!

We also played dinosaur lotto, sang songs, did finger ryhmes and played with felt cut outs on a felt board and Nathan made up a short story of what they were doing.

We have also started an experiment....to see what happen to an egg when it sits in a container of vinegar....observations will be made a couple of times a day.

I have some prep to do for tomorrow...anyone care to draw a stegosaurus??? I have drawn a pteranadon and pteradactyl.

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