Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We had a very different day in school. We did dinosaur puzzles, wrote a dinosaur story, did some really cool texture rubbings, read heaps of dinosaur puzzles, painted a pteranodon, observed and drew about the egg in the vinegar experiment, researched more dinosaurs and did loads of fun activities outside, including an obstacle course. Nathan obviously loved it as he did it at least 6 times!!

Here is his story:

My Dinosaur Story

By Nathan

There once was a triceratops wading in the water. He alaxed (relaxed) in the cool water. One big dinosaur wasn’t there and that was a meat-eater.

Then the triceratops got out of the waterhole and wandered to a bush and ate some of the yummy leaves and then went to sleep under a leafy banklet (blanket). He felt a little tickle and it woke him up. It was a naughty tickling plant and he bumped it up into the air. A pterodactyl caught that naughty tickling plant and took it home to his nest. A rock came shooting out of the sky and landed on the triceratops BANG! He woke up and runned (ran) into the waterhole. The brontosaurus recued (rescued) him. They saw a big tree cave and crept in it. They went to sleep with the little plants.

The end.

Then after lunch we ducked in to town as Martin was chasing a tractor part that was in the mail.

While in town, I managed to buy a little model of a pteranodon skeleton. This will be buried in the sandpit and Nathan will become a paeleantologist and dig it up very carefully then put it together. We also have some chicken bones for another experiment. Whoo hoo...what fun!

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Lea said...

Fantastic story Nathan.