Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinosaur World is complete

Nathan had a young friend over for a few hours yesterday so we kept some really fun activities to do when he arrived.

First came the really cool one.....

Their reactions were amazing "Whoa!! Look at that!! WOW!" I had to laugh at the pair of them. This little playdough volcano erupted until the vinegar bottle was empty (just as well it wasn't a new bottle!)

Then I asked them to pretend to be erupting volcanoes...hilarious!!! I videoed them and every time they watched it, they were in fits of laughter!!

The boys painted the last of the dinosaurs and added them to Dinosaur complete!

Can you spot the dimetrodon, pteradactyl, stegosaurus, pteranadon, triceratops, volcano, nest of eggs and lake??

The boys donned their hats and with tools (teaspoon, tweezers and paintbrush) headed off on a dig.
The successful dig revealed a pteranadon.... how could they not be happy?

We have now finished our dinosaur theme. Nathan has enjoyed it enormously.

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