Monday, June 22, 2009

Bore drilling

On Saturday we went over to our neighbour so see a drilling rig sink a new bore. When we arrived, they had drilled a depth of 85m but were having trouble with the drill bit clogging up and were constantly having to pull all the drill stems up again. I think then tried a new method and soon enough they were down to 118m where they struck hard sandstone and a broken piece was stuck in the drill bit, so up she all came again! You need a lot of patience to be in this game!

Hopefully yesterday they struck water...we haven't heard as yet though!

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Neek said...

aaah, we've been there done that. We put down 3 holes - but alas only came up with incredibly salty water :(... In bad times we mix that water with ground water and when the sheep are thirsty enough they drink it.

Good luck to your neighbours! It is good if you can get a good quality strike.