Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy weekend

I went to a card making workshop with Mary on the weekend. She comes over to our little town a couple of times a year and we have a wonderful and creative time. We experimented with FlowerSoft this time, which was interesting but I am still reserving judgement on it at this stage.

Mary's husband John comes over too and helps her by washing out the stamp cleaning clothes, emptying the rubbish containers, writing down what we all buy, and generally being the financial manager! In his spare time, he makes fishing flies. Poor fellow...he must raise his eyebrows at some of our conversations! But he never says a word!!!!

Nathan had to come with me on Saturday morning and he was all fired up and very keen! He had all the girls in stitches at one stage when he said "Guys....could you all be quiet 'cos I'm concentrating." He was so polite...but had everyone in fits of laughter!

Nathan's teacher always tells the kids "You rock!" when they have worked really well. If we as home tutors are told the same, believe you me, we are pretty chuffed! So....I couldn't resist making a "You Rock!" card.

Nathan and I counted the 'roos on the way to and from town on Saturday and yesterday......16 in on Saturday and 88 coming home (64 on the bitumen section) and 6 going and 31 coming home yesterday! Travelling times were roughly the same each day. No wonder so many are hit!

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Wendy said...

Wow!! Look at all of those beautiful cards! They are gorgeous Kerry! Well done!