Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obstacle Course

In Nathan's schoolwork, he's doing a series of mini projects. Today he had to create an obstacle course! Cool fun!

Using, a chair, hoop, sticks, markers, mats and a skipping rope, he created an obstacle course that consisted of walking along, hops, jumps, running, through and over. To add a little more interest I found my stop watch. We all had a go at the course (each making a little slip up here and there) and had tonnes of fun.

Weaving around the markers

Roll along the grass
Around the garden

Through the hoop

After lunch, Tracey our mail lady arrived back to collect our mail bag. Nathan asked her if she'd like to have a go at the course as well. She happily agreed! Good on you Tracey...You ROCK!


kerry said...

Looks like he is having agreat time i hope all is well TAke care Kerry xx

Lea said...

Wow Nathan, what a great obstacle course. Looks like fun. Good on Tracey, that is excellent!!

Erika said...

The course looks like fun!

Your layouts are stunning.


Neek said...

what great fun! Cannot imagine my mail lady doing it though!! Cool!

lindy said...

looks like Nathan having fun...beautiful lo's kerry