Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On a roll!

I am on a roll with scrapping at the moment...YAY!!!! Nathan has mostly finished his term's school work so our schoolroom is very relaxed!

Martin took these photos of Nathan and I feeding the giraffes at the Dubbo Zoo when on holidays in March. Nathan truly loved the zoo and this was one of his highlights! (Mine too!) Giraffes are such beautiful creatures, so elegant and graceful.

Our good friends are expecting their 3rd child in January 2010...so very exciting! While they are so excited too, poor Mum is having terribly trouble with morning sickness...or maybe I should call it all day nausea. I have been going up and helping with housework, ironing etc and Nathan's been having fun playing with the kids. Little Miss 2 1/2 has always been very keen on 'bubbas' so you can imagine what she's like at the prospect of having a little brother or sister. Yesterday we spotted her walking around with one of her bubbas tucked up under her shirt! How priceless is she! Imagine her come January........

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