Saturday, June 13, 2009

MS Fundraiser

Yesterday my friend Joy and I attended a Book Quiz to help raise funds for MS research. I will quickly admit that neither of us a big on book reading, as we simply don't have time. We stand quite a good chance with children's books and card making and scrapbooking magazines. However, we went to have some fun and help raise money.

Round 1 questions- we did really well. We bought "a life line" for the answers for questions one and two, guessed our way through the rest and did well with a total of 14 points and winning that round.

Sadly, it was a rapid decline from the extent that I am not even going to tell you our scores for the next 2 rounds, suffice to say that our team name (The Bloopers) was most appropriate! :-) We DID have fun though and lots of laughs!! This cute little guy was our each of course!

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Wendy said...

How cute is he/she!!!!! Great to hear that you and Joy had fun!!