Saturday, June 6, 2009

Something to share

I have been feeling creative lately. Here are some cards

and a layout for Millie's sketch to share. These camouflage papers by Kaisercraft were perfect for the photos!

A car rally is going pass this afternoon. I took Nathan up to the main road so we could get a better look at the cars. He waved at every car we saw for about 1 1/2 hours...only one person waved back and another played his musical horn! "Not very friendly" were Nathan's words.

Once upon a time...(yes a fairy tale now)...the drivers would stop for a chat and give the kids a little something (usually lollies).
I know these guys (and girls) seek sponsorship just to go in a rally, have a lot of fun and help raise vitally needed funds for various organizations...but it wouldn't hurt them to wave to a little country kid every now and then.

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Neek said...

what a shame :( I agree - they should be more friendly that is for sure - especially as they are going right past you. I thought the whole idea of doing up their cars with bells and whistles was to make noise & if you have a child that is willing to stand there for over an hour to acknowledge them - then they should too.

I know the ones that pass through town here are usually quite friendly - but then perhaps this town is a stop for them ..... :)