Thursday, May 28, 2009

School work????

Nathan's schoolwork today was all about fun! I didn't ever realize you needed to learn how to do that! Lol Seriously, it was way more important than that....putting what he's learning into practical application. Nathan priced all of his grocery items (now he knows all about the $ sign), setting up his store, putting money in the cash register, counting out money, giving change, chatting with customers (beware a shop attendant that tells you "your skin nice and soft"), stacking shelves, making a sign...he called it "Nathan's IGA". Given a chance, Nathan would have shopped the afternoon away. He also wrote out a grocery list. Whenever we do go grocery shopping he loves to weigh the fruit and vegies I buy and then exclaim "1 kg!" as though it's a huge amount and for all the shop to hear!

Here's Nathan's shop, set up and ready for customers:

First customer:

Changing roles:

During the on-air lesson, the kids finished an art project commenced last week. Here's Nathan's finished picture. I showed him how to curl the petals to give them a little more dimension.

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lindy said...

Kerry looks like Nathan love shopping those flowers
you rock Nathan