Thursday, May 28, 2009


Amongst other things, I have found time to do some scrapping lately.

My second son Craig and his gorgeous girlfriend Kathryn, have bought their first house and can hardly wait to move in early next month.

This one is from Millie's Mystery Challenge at the April Cybercrop at Scrap with V. I know it was awhile ago, but I really wanted to do it...although for me it wasn't a mystery as I'd seen everyone elses layouts!

As the title says this strelitzia is not in my garden, but in the garden of the house Craig and Kathryn are currently renting. It's gorgeous and I would love to be apple to grow them.

Late yesterday afternoon, I went down to the yard where we kept the weaners and started raking up all the left over straw and manure for the garden. The bale (I'd shovelled it into a woolpack) was too heavy for me to drag home so I used the 4wheeler!! With the addition of that mulch (the gardens were already well mulched but more never goes astray), the plants should grow like weeds...hopefully not with weeds.

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