Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Night Out!

Last night, we went to The Rhythms of Ireland in town and it was absolutely brilliant. We both loved every part of the show...the music from traditional Irish instruments (uillean pipes, bodhran, pennywhistle, Irish flute), the singing and of course the dancing. What seemingly boundless energy these young people have! My only regret...the show had to end. The auditorium was packed, not another person could have been accommodated for. The dancers were even kind enough to sign auotgraphs afterwards. If The Rhythms of Ireland is coming to a town near you....GO! You won't regret it.

Nathan was looked after by a teenage friend. They had a lovely evening together. I organized for her to look after him a fortnight ago - and every day since then he's asked "Are you leaving today?" Makes you wonder what goes through a child's head! On arriving home after the show, I took him to the loo and he said to me "You're home already?" Don't know how long he thought we were going for! Priceless.

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