Monday, May 4, 2009

Successful 2009 Show

Our local show was once again very successful! For me, it was so nice, to get out of the office and see what was happening and take photos. The new secretary, Lorelei, handled everything very well and did a brilliant job. For me, it was so nice to go to the show and not be 'working' there...that hasn't happened in many years.

This is the first year Nathan has put anything into the show and loved doing so. He won 4 First Prizes, a Third Prize and the Juvenile Aggregate Trophy in the Arts & Crafts pavilion and also a First and Third Prize in the Schools Competition. He went on a giant slide, a truck merry-go-round and a ferris wheel...all of which he loved! We were able to see the show with him, which was wonderful.

I won the Aggregate Trophy for Scrapbooking with 5 Firsts, 3 Seconds and 2 Thirds.


Lea said...

Wow!!!!! you and Nathan scooped the prize pool. Good on you both((((hugs)))). The show looked great fun. I am sure you enjoyed just being there and enjoying it instead of all the duties you usually have there.

Neek said...

Well done to you both! I know when I finally gave up the Ag Expo here after 8 years it was a relief to finally "attend" it as a visitor!! :)

Kerry said...

Neek, I so know what you mean. While I loved doing my job, I needed a change big time.