Thursday, April 30, 2009

We have cows!

Martin has been itching to buy a little mob of heifers for some time and the way the season was shaping, it looked as though that wouldn't happen this year. But after such ground soaking rain at Easter, we have paddocks brimming with green feed, so off he went to the cattle sale that got a few tongues talking! ;-) It's a very long time since we have owned any cattle.

He very proudly rang to tell me he'd bought 2 little mobs of grey brahman heifers - 33 in total. Nathan went back to town with him in the truck to get them.

They're a nice line of heifers and will grow out very well. We'll feed them for a little while and keep them close to the house so they'll be quiet. On Monday we'll take them down to the cattle yards and cross brand them.

Yesterday we went up to Longreach for a school cluster. It was a long day (up at 5.15am and home at 6.30pm) so Nathan had a good sleep in this morning. We didn't even attempt to do any school work today, but made a few more things for Nathan to put in the show. Only 2 more sleeps till we go to town for the show, and he can hardly wait!


Wendy said...

Very exciting developments happening out there!! WTG Marto!!!

Lea said...

Nice looking girls. Good on you!