Sunday, April 12, 2009


I haven't been a slack blogger, instead we have been away for two glorious weeks. We spent a weekend in Brisbane with 2 of our boys. It was wonderful to catch up with them, even for such a short time. Then we headed to Toowoomba and picked up a camping trailer on headed off.

At Narrabri, we dropped in at the Australian Cotton Centre, a very interesting place. Nathan sat quietly, engrossed in the short film. Then he climbed up into the cab of a big red harvester. He checked out everything at the centre and was totally amazed that cotton was turned into fabric. I bought a little project pack that contains the stages cotton goes through to become fabric. We'll also grow cotton in the spring.

Our first night was at Coonabarabran. There were light showers in the early evening and the most amazing rainbow.

We have always promised to take Nathan to the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. It's a wonderful zoo and certainly the best I have been to. The ticket price includes entry for two consecutive days and we made the most of that. The main road is 6km around the zoo with numerous walking tracks through the middle. I think we walked about 10km on the first day. Nathan ran from one group of animals to the next, he was so excited to see absolutely everything.

He loved seeing each and every animal, but I think his highlight was probably feeding the giraffes fresh carrots!

I'll tell you about the next leg of our holiday tomorrow.


Neek said...

oooh you were soooooo close to me!!! yet so far!! what a shame!! Would love to meet up IRL!!

lindy said...

great pics of the zoo Kerry