Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy day

Nathan has spent quite a bit of the day making things to put in the school section of our local show. This section is new this year and I hope will be well supported. He is entering 4 of the 5 classes: narrative, computer generated artwork, 2D artwork and 3D artwork. The only one he's not completing is the poem, simply because he really has no idea of poetry and what it is.

Nathan has also been working on some art and craft to enter - lego, weaving, jigsaw, picture making, scrapbooking etc. About 10 days ago, he started a grasshead but it's growing very slowly.

The road from our house to the grid near the main road is being graded. It's a PR excercise by the mining company that has been doing exploration out here. Jim will also bury some polypipes for us tomorrow.

The road will probably come up a bit rough because the soil is still quite wet. However, in a few weeks we can easily drag a grid over it to smooth it out.

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lindy said...

Good luck Nathan for the show