Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ain't Life Grand!

Martin was able to get around more of our country this morning. He had tried yesterday, but the Washpool was running high again after a storm over the catchment the night before.

Our back paddocks are still very wet and.....all dams that way are full!!!! Imagine, a week ago they were mostly dry!!! How amazing is this. I can't wait to be able to get out there and see them. So now we have only one almost dry dam and that's because 'someone' didn't want to spend money and have the bywash repaired a couple of years ago. Frustrating to say the least!

We ducked into town yesterday morning to stock up on groceries. We've been living on meat, bread and potatoes since being home after 2 weeks away. Now it's so nice to have some variety in the fresh food!

I used most of my birthday voucher at the garden store yesterday. Nathan and I chose punnets of seedlings (big frilly petunias, sweet peas, blue salvia and bedding begonias) as well as a cycad, blechnum fern, cordyline and an ivy. We repotted the bigger plants yesterday afternoon and will be putting them in the back area. The seedlings will put a lovely splash of colour into the garden. The petunias have been planted along ther front of a row of murraya and will look stunning against the rich green foliage dotted with white flowers.

I'd had to give my rosebushes to a good friend, as they wouldn't grow in this soil. After the rain she tells me they are covered in buds and new foliage. I will be sharing in the blooms though as we pop up to their place quite regularly.

Every thing else in the garden is growing well and our 'lawn pavers' have really taken off. I have been busy pulling out all the pigweed growing around them and threatening to extinguish their life.

Emerald Turf, the people we bought our turf from, have the contract to turf around the new "Tree of Knowledge" monument in Barcaldine. That will be done shortly as it will officiall be opened on May 4, Labour Day.

Last night, I realized that school starts again next week. I must go through Nathan's Unit 4 in the next few days and see what we'll be learning.

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