Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Flies

Where is this week going??? I can't believe it's almost midweek (and mail day tomorrow too)!

I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I spent the morning doing bookwork and the afternoon vaccuming and getting rid of spiders and then gardening. I heard from all of my sons and that was very special and all I wanted.

On Monday morning we discovered one of our 'girls' (actually he was a ring-in) had a broken leg. Not wanting to waste anything he was slaughtered and quarteredwith the help of our neighbour...mind you I do think it was a case of the blind leading the blind! Now the meat is hanging in our neighbour's coldroom.

Then straight after Nathan's telephone lesson, we went to Barcaldine to pick up our car. It was wonderful not only to have it back but also minus the dents and it was sporting a new bullbar. Nathan seemed to think we had a new car. We did a couple of jobs in town before coming home.

This afternoon, I started baking for the Biggest Morning Tea we are hosting is less than a fortnight. A fruit cake and mini quiches are now stored safely in the freezer.

Nathan has to make a model of here as part of his school work this week....actually it was supposed to have been completed today, but as it's a big project and the cooler weather is not conducive to drying paint quickly, we are doing it over several days. It would be easy if we had only one or two buildings here, but we have 2 houses, a butcher shop, shed, and our old schoolhouse (now known as The Quarters) as well as 2 rainwater tanks and a high tank and roads and tracks. Not sure if we'll have room to add the chookyard...poor Chicken!

Some showery weather last night has cooled our day but it's still very pleasant.


Neek said...

oh my - wanna come here & do some baking and freezing for me?? You have been busy! :)

Kerry said...

Neek you can come and enjoy if you like!