Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Year One Minischool

Last week Nathan and I were in Longreach for his Year one minischool......and boy did the kids have awonderful week! The theme for the week was Community Helpers and with the help of Boris Bear (a big teddy) the kids had quite a number of excursions. Boris has been clowning around on the bunk beds when he had a tumbled and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The kids went to visit him at the hospital later that day and brought him back to the Quarters. He had a splint on one leg and a bandaged head. The next day Boris was spotted on the roof of the fire station. A fireman climbed up and rescued him while the kids were visiting. Just to top it off, Boris was booked by the police for speeding and ended up in the cell at the police station. The kids had to bail him out! What a week!!!

Nathan dressed as a policeman for the disco on the last night. He had a wonderful time dancing and even had a partner lined up for the first dance!!

Nathan is losing his teacher next semester as she's going to be a principal at a small school in this district. He helped make this little gift for her.

Notice how quietly Boris is sitting at the moment....wonder how long that will last???

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