Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday my baby celebrated his he's a BIG 7 and according to him...all grown up.

He was thrilled to receive so many phone calls, from family and friends... after all it was his day! Nathan's birthday cake was an obvious choice. The cake is chocolate (the 'through all the ingredients into the bowl and mix type') and is was absolutely scrummy. I used the same recipe to make a batch of cupcakes.

I don't what's happening with blogger at the moment, but more often than not, I am locked out of my blog, hence the lack of updates! Very frustrating believe you me!


Franjopani said...

Ashley and Benji are very impressed with your cake and your present Nathan (as is his Mum) Happy Birthday for yesterday, we hope you had a great day x jfab

Franjopani said...

opps I meant their Mum sorry

Wendy said...

Cake looks so yummy!!!!! Hope you saved me some!! Glad you had a special day Nathan!