Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am constantly reminded at how slack a blogger I have become! (Thanks Joy!)

So here is our March to date:

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday...yep I'm NOT telling you how many years but suffice to say that next year I will reach a significant milestone. Martin and Nathan made me a cake covered with hot pink icing. Thank goodness there were only 6 candles...more than enough!
On Wednesday (16th) our little Khloee dog had 3 puppies!! I was sooooo excited when the first one was born 'cos it was a girl!!! Then next one arrived quickly after and it was a boy. Several hours laster the third pup arrived...another boy. As with Khloee's first litter we have 3 pups with different length tails.The little female has a long tail and then, the boys' are progressively shorter. I love the second photo where Miss K has her little leg around one of the cute.
Today my niece celebrates her 19th birthday. Happy birthday Amy! Enjoy your birthday lunch and don't forget a photo!
It's the month for birthdays as Martin celebrates his 50th this Tuesday! Gotta make a card this weekend.
My nephew celebrates his birthday in early April. I've made this little Gift card holder to put his gift in. Joy Smith designed this and it's so easy to make. I chose the belt to go around it to look just like one...appropriate for a teenage boy don't you think? Martin commented "You know he'll just take out the gift card and throw the rest away don't you!" Men!
March is turning into a wet month for us. I didn't get up to our school for the Home Tutor workshop because of rain and creeks flooding. We were able to make it up for the swimming carnival though. More rain this week has kept everyone at home. I hope it's a dry Easter as we have plans.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a fab gift card holder!!! Happy 6th Birthday hope it was a great day:)

Franjopani said...

Yay finally something to see, I'll forgive you for being slack now as obviously you have been busy hehe. Love the cake, luuuuuvvvvve the puppies and love the gift card holder. Well Done

Franjopani said...

p.s. I didn't design it - I just drew up the pattern from one I had seen. Aren't they great thou

Wendy said...

What gorgeous little puppies!!!! Well done Khloee!!! Love the card holder!!!