Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Cards

I have been constantly told what a bad blogger I have become....sorry about that.

Recently I made some Christmas cards for teachers. Each was made with a particular person in mind. Here they are:

I had must admit that I had a lovely time creating them. Aren't Magnolia stamps gorgeous? I've even ordered some of the new Sweet Christmas Dreams collection.

I have not done any scrapbooking this year. I haven't been the slightest bit interested and instead have put all my spare time and energy into the garden and it's been looking really lovely and worth all the hard work. Martin has even built me an arbor and is going make a bigger one at the front gate.

Our school Graduation Night was held last night and I have a little man who was absolutely thrilled to reciev an Encouragement Award for Year 2. He was given a dinosaur encyclopaedia....couldn't have been more appropriate for him! So now we are on school holidays...well almost! We have a few on air session with regards new e-learning programs that will be in place with the new C2C curriculum next year.

We have Christmas markets coming up and I have plans to make lots of lovely things for them. The baubles and bunting I have made before but I also a few new items up my sleeve. You may get a sneak peak....


Neek said...

hello! :) I haven't checked for a while so it was lovely to read your posts! :)
I love our bunting from you last year - cannot wait to put it up this year. Cannot wait to see what you make! :)
Neek x

Franjopani said...

Yay - you're back in the blogging world - nice to see, now i don't have to say hello to archie every time i pop on to see if you are here. Absolutely gorgeous cards - well done - nice to know you haven't forgotten how to papercraft after all that gardening. Love your baubles and of course the bunting too - clever cookie x joy