Sunday, July 22, 2012


We currently have a wonderful and her husband, staying with us for 6 weeks. Robyn and Peter have come to us through the Volunteers for Isolated Students' Education organization. Robyn is a retired teacher and she'll be teaching Nathan for 6 weeks, giving me a chance to do other things. She's an absolute godsend! She just had a week of teaching the DE papers with out any interruptions from on-air lessons....they resume next week. Nathan also had a cluster this week, so Robyn was able to meet his teacher and other staff from our wonderful school.

I have spent this last week catching on bookwork and end of financial year paperwork. No doubt there will be more I need to do, but only small things.

We are currently doing cattle work and are planning on selling weaner steers in the sale in town on Thursday. Let's hope they sell well.....

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