Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Telephone Lesson

Nathan had his first telephone lesson this morning at 10am. There are 6 children in his ‘on-air’ class which is great for this age. His teacher explained that the children must call in with their name if they had the answer to a question. As she couldn’t see them, putting their hand up was no good at all! They also need to finish with her name so that she knows they have finished talking. Then she asked them a couple of questions so they could practice what they’d been told. The first question was “I’d like you to tell me what colour is the shirt you are wearing today.” This was quite funny as Nathan wasn’t wearing a shirt, so he said “My shirt is skin coloured Mrs L.” Then she asked what he was wearing and he replied “Just undies Mrs L.”

As all of the class answered their questions well and were very good at remembering the rules, she told the children to give themselves a squeeze…the look on Nathan’s face as he did this was so funny!

This is also my layout for the last photographic challenge at Scrap Boutique.


Neek said...

What a fabbo story! I can picture my kids doing the same thing if they had too!! My middle boy asked the principal why they cannot wear belts to school so he could wear his really big belt buckle!!!

Love the layout!

Wendy said...

Love these photos!!! He is the cutest little thing!!! Love your layout too!! Awesome!

Lea said...

What a wonderful on air lesson. The photos of Nathan are the picture of concentration!!!