Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, we went to our neighbour’s and the kids played on a water slide. They had an absolute ball as you can see. We stayed for a scrummy dinner and a very relaxing evening. The kids played happily for hours and were sad to see each other go.

Today while having lunch, a whirly wind hit and there was an almighty crash and bang. We headed outside to see what had happened and we discovered this:


Neek said...

I have to laugh Kerry!! Check out my blog! Ours went too! First to the fence and because my stubborn DH wouldn't secure it and went off to Night shift - it went again - this time up the roof of the house - though not as far as yours! Prior to the 2nd wind getting it the mat was undamaged - now? it is a bit. It is now weighted down on the lawn with the cage shredded!!! :)

lindy said...

oh goodness me hope nothing got too dameged