Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exciting mail!

Yesterday I received 2 very interesting packages in the mail. I recently participated in the yellow embellishment swap at White with is what I received

AND Nathan and I received some prizes from Scrap with V. Nathan is thrilled with his pack (those cars and trucks are right down his alley) and he was so excited to see the letter N (for Nathan of course!) in there.

I received this gorgeous pen as a prize from Crafty Sketches sponsored by Bling n Things. Thank you so much Ness...I love it! Nathan told his Dad the pen was 'very very girly'....don't think I'll have to worry either of them putting it in their pockets!


Neek said...

bling is good for farm men! I even bought a pink floral kitchen broom so it wouldn't end up in the shearing shed! and it worked!!! LOL

Kerry said...

A clever tactic Neek!