Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Week

We have been busy with lambmarking this week. By the end of Thursday all sheep were back in their paddocks. Martin had intended mustering the wether weaners so they were closer for shearing but Mother Nature had other ideas. On Wednesday night we measure 58pts, 130pts on Thursday night and and other inch on Friday.

Craig and Kathryn have been out here lending a hand and had planned to go back to Brisbane on yesterday, but it was far too wet and boggy for that. Fortunately Craig's car was still in town as he would never have got it into town with the road and creeks the way they were. This morning one set of creek channels was low enough to cross (0.5m) and then they hit the bitumen....only to find Boree Creek was 1m over the bitumen and to add to it about 500m wide! Just when Martin was considering he might have to take them the long way around a local fellow came along and then headed home to get his boat and call a friend to pick up on the other side. So Craig and Kath had 2 boat rides (the other being the Barcoo River) just to get to town!!! Surely that's all the drama they can expect on their long drive home.

They have taken the last of our pups with them. Eddie is headed for his new home in Brisbane. Poor little fella had been car sick a few times, just getting to town...and he hadn't even had any breaky. He had a big drink at the creek though, to Kath's chagrine!

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