Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

We have finished school for the term and now I have visitors and a party to prepare for.

I have wanted Martin to make an arbor for over the front gate for ages...since mid 2011. I couldn't take photos at times as I was needed to clean away the soil as the digger dug the hole. hold posts etc.

Posts are in:

and level.
Inserts cut to fit the roof

and the roof goes on

Oops that post is not quite straight. Easy to sort out!

and screwed in place.

Now we just need to add a ridge cap. All the arbor is made from recycled materials....except fro the ridge cap. I wanted to use an old length but I was told and looked too disgusting! I think it has character. The new piece is too pristine, shiny and lacks character. I wonder what reaction I'd get if I roughed it up a little??

We even had have a solar powered light in the arbor and with its LED bulbs, it throws an amazing amount of light.

I shall share a photo of the arbor when it's complete......stay posted!

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