Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy Days

My sisters Lea and Wendy and their families have just spent a couple of days with us! Nathan loved having more kids to play with and he and his cousins got on really well. Yesterday we have some friends over for lunch (just to add to the chaos!), so we were up to 10 adults and 7 kids BUT it was a relaxing afternoon full of fun and laughter.

This morning they have headed home...a lovely visit but all too short.

Tomorrow we are going see The Ten Tenors in Mackay! I am sooo excited and can hardly wait! It's nice to do something at the spur of the moment! Wendy and her kids and Lea are all coming too!


Kylie said...

hope you enjoyed your concert!! love your blog bkground!

Neek said...

oooh the Ten Tneors!! How good is that!! I love them. Hope it was a great night!! :)

bronnyk said...

Isn't it great to get the whole family together? Bet you had a great time with them & the Ten tenors Concert?