Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Flying Scientist

Nathan has been lucky enough to do hands-on science activities with Phiggles the Flying Scientist when he visited a neighbouring property for the weekend. Phill Higgins retired after teaching at university for 32 years and wanted to continue sharing his knowledge and passion for science with children in remote areas.

The kids had a fantastic time and quickly learnt the key word for all scientists "Why?" (as if they needed encouragement!)

They dabbled in magnets and electromagnets, time and clocks, chemistry, electronics (including circuits, LEDs and switches)

optical lenses and dissected a bullock's eye to discover the lens, retina and optic nerve

and windpower.

It was a fantastic weekend for the kids and we were all very appreciative of Phill and Suzanne giving their time to teach the kids.

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Neek said...

what a fantastic concept! :)