Friday, July 17, 2009

A not so good discovery!

Are you one who starts projects and doesn't get them finished? I'm not...I can't stand having half completed projects lying around the place or stashed in cupboards.

BUT recently I found just that!! I was looking for a needle to stitch my son's woollen jumper together. I looked in a pumpkin bag hanging on my hat rack and was absolutely horrified to find three almost completed projects! THREE!!!! One is a men's jumper...all knitting complete, the shoulder seams sewn and that was it...why didn't I finish it??? I have no idea! Another is a women's jumper. The sleeves are knitted and so is the back. But the front?? I do remember why I didn't finish it though. I had to pull out a few rows and because it has a pattern panel, I was having a lot of trouble working out where I was up to! I think I must have lost interest in working it out!! The third project is a counted cross-stitch. There is only one corner left to be done! How slack am I?!!

So you can guess what I'm up to! Yep, working my way through them. Nathan's new jumper is complete and he wore it to town on Wednesday. The neck on the men's jumper is done and stitched and all I have to do is sew the sleeves in place..(I knit on circular needles so I don't have side seems to sew. While I watch TV at night, I am busily working on the last corner of the cross-stitch. Then I'll get cracking on the lady's jumper!

So not much happening in the scrapping department but that's set to change this weekend with the Scrap with V long as Martin can buy some photo paper in town this afternoon!


Lea said...

3 UNFINISHED PROJECTS!!!!!!!!I don't know Ker, what are we going to do with you.....

Kerry said...

Tell me about it!!!!