Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are we mad??

Last night we went down to the shed and drafted 1500 ewes and their lambs...yep...last NIGHT! The days (until this week) have been so hot, that Martin decided to set up a floodlight so we could draft by night.

So at about 7.30pm and after a very early dinner, we headed off. The yards were already full, with more ewes in the netting yard. I'd been told the yards had been watered to settle the dust...well not where I was working!! The sheep did rattle through and in no time at all we were moving those out of the netting yard and drafting again. The drawback?? Stumbling around in the half light at the back of the yards and stumbling over gidyea stones, water pipes and buffel grass stubble!! While Adam was bounding around like a bandicoot (how he can do that after being up since 5am beats me) I preferred to have one foot on the ground at all times. By 9.30pm Nathan was exhausted and found a woolpack to lie on near the race while we finished up. At 10pm we headed home to a shower and bed. "We should draft at night all the time!" was Martin's comment...yeh...and when would we sleep?

Tomorrow night it all happens again!

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