Friday, December 11, 2009

A long week

This has been a long and busy week, with Monday being our only slower day. We ducked in to town to meet Adam off the bus, only to find the bus was early and he'd been waiting 20 minutes! Oh well that happens. That afternoon we slipped up to our neighbour's for the party of a special little girl celebrating her 3rd birthday...I can't believe how quickly she's growing up. Soon she will be a big sister...

We brought three pups home with us...thank goodness only one will live here...Martin has called his pup "Killer" yeh right!! He's more likely to run up and give you a big lick more so than chew your leg!

And these two are off to Brisbane. This little cute fluffy guy is Kathryn's pup....she's still pondering on a name for him.

This little blue fella is called "Kegs"

Charli loves having some playmates and they've all had their fair share of blues, but eventhough he's so much smaller than them (and twice their age) he gives as good as he gets!

On Tuesday we started mustering for shearing. As the days are so hot, there are 5am starts, a break doing other jobs for a few hours then mustering again resuming at 5pm. On Wednesday we walked a mob of about 2 000 ewes plus their lambs to a paddock closer to the shed, not getting there until 7.50pm. Thank goodness for headlights and luckily there wasn't any traffic as they crossed the main road. Hopefully we didn't leave any lambs hiding under bushes!

Rain for 2009 has been few and far between with our only decent fall for the year coming at Easter. However it didn't cover all of our country. We now have two empty dams, another that's getting very low (it hasn't had any water added to it for about 2 years) and our house dam will only last another fortnight! Martin and Adam shifted the rams from the Ram Paddock as they keep getting bogged in the dam and they are wayyyy to expensive to lose.

Dry dams are a very sad and sorry sight. Hopefully there will soon be respite from the heat and good soaking rains, but it's certainly too late for a green Christmas....maybe New Year??

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