Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zapp, the red dog.

On Thursday night, as we headed down to the sheepyards, Adam said "Mum, you'll get some help tonight from Zapp, the yard dog. "

Me: Okay, and who's dog is he? (Thinking he belonged to one of the shearers.)

Adam: Wait and see...but you're gonna love him! He rides on the back of the sheep, bites when necessary, barks when stirred, sits and stays on command and generally does a brilliant job! He has many hidden talents; I'll show you tonight.

Well when I saw Zapp, I couldn't stop laughing....and when I can take a photo of him, you'll see why. But Adam was right, he came in very useful and did do a brilliant job! His only drawback? He doesn't come when called. Bonus? He's very cheap to feed and unlike 3 little pups I know, doesn't get into mischief.

I made good use of Zapp on Thursday night and then allowed Adam to use him when we drafted last night...


Lea said...

OK Ker, I am intrigued!!!

Neek said...

hmmm interesting!!! LOL

Great to catch up on your blog. Haven't had much time to read lately - but have enjoyed it now!

Hoping rain comes your way for Christmas.

We have mustered and drafted in the dark as well here - makes for interesting "language".