Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last night we received a really heavy downpour making our total for the 24hrs to 9am this morning 43.75mm. But what was really incredible and quite eerie, was the red sky towards the end of the rain! To the west-north-west was a hint of a sunset and it cast the most amazing shade of red over absolutely everything...it really was like looking at the world through a red filter on a camera lens!I didn't take any photos, as I felt they wouldn't have done it justice.

We do continue to enjoy this weather, after all it's dry and droughty for much longer than lush and green.

To my wonderful friends in southern and eastern areas, I really do wish I could send this rain on to you all...heaven knows there is enough to share. I pray that soon, your country and surroundings willl look as lush and green as ours.

Martin is healing, slowly but surely. I can't say that he has been as steady and he should have, but we all have to keep busy in some way. He had another xray last Wednesday and that had to go to the orthopaedic surgeon in Rocky for review. He also had an appointment with a physio in Tambo. While it was too early for her to do anything, she has given Martin an excercise to do when he gets to the 6 weeks stage....and that only 1 1/2 weeks away. He then goes back to see her in 3 weeks.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Kerry sounds magical and eerie all in one...wish you had of taken a photo!!

Thanks for the catch up email tonight, I will remember to sign in the morning and see if I can catch you for a chat, can't wait for us to meet in real life.

I am so glad that Martin is recoving steadily!! Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo