Sunday, March 7, 2010

New 'Toy'

The specialist had warned Martin that as he broke so many ribs at once and with multiple fractures, they will never heal properly and be as strong as they were. Consequently he has bought a Polaris Ranger RZR 'vehicle' to use instead of a motorbike. On Friday he was able to get up to Longreach to pick it up.

He and Alastair went and checked on a mob of sheep yesterday. The paddock was still really wet not only with all the rain but because the grass coverage is so thick, it's really holding the moisture in and not allowing it to dry out. This was a good test for the buggy and it came home covered in mud. They took Nathan for a ride this morning...he was sooo excited! has seatbelts too.

There's even a handy little tray on the back. Yesterday they had a 20L bottle of dip to treat any fly-blown sheep they saw.


Ness said...

how kewl is that buggy I bet Nathan really loved his ride.

Pop on over to my blog Kerry I have a little something for you.

Love Ness xx

Lea said...

That buggy looks awesome!! I can see the boys having fun with it. What a handy vehicle too

CreativeMe68 said...

AWESOME!!! Looks like it is pretty safe and rigid...does it have seat belts too???

Hope Martin is getting much better and I bet Nathan loved having a ride around in it! Luv Shaz xoxo