Monday, March 1, 2010

Rain's still raining around here! I could probably count on only 2 hands, the number of bright sunshiny days we've had this year and it seems that March may not be any different! I took this photo out through our school room window.

Last Wednesday we had a storm of 45.25mm and then another 44.25mm last night and rain on and off again today. We did manage to truck out the sheep we sold a month ago and get the lambs shorn. Luckily, we only lost one day of shearing as the black fly in the lambs was particularly viscious. Their wool is sitting on a truck down at the shearing shed, waiting for the first dry day to get it to town.


Country@heart78 said...

It seems to be shaping up a wet year..Nearly like the old seasons..I remeber waiting to getour wool out too not fun..The rain is still nice though..

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohh Kerry...You must be so totally sick of the rain by now!!! I know I would be but I suppose living on the land it is mostly drought times so you are probably enjoying all this rain!!! Sorry I haven't got to talk to you lately...would love to catch up really soon.

How is Martin coming along??? Hope his recovery is a speedy one and that you are still able to come to Airlie Beach!!! BTW love the photo of Nathan behind his dad with the peg on his nose

Luv Shaz xoxo

Marie said...

When you've had enough of that rain, Kerry, send it our way, please. The countryside must be looking a picture....certainly the pics you've posted look so beautiful.

Neek said...

that rain is wonderful! Please send it to us eh? Your feed is amazing. My Hubby is over my shoulder looking on with jealous eyes!! LOL