Monday, May 14, 2012


Last Tuesday we very nearly lost Charli. We were woken by his screams at 6am. Martin went to check on him, and Charli tore through the house, his eyes wide with terror. I grabbed him, wrapped him in a blanket ( it was cold and he was trembling) and refused to let him go. I am sure he'd picked up a bait somewhere and was so sure we were about to lose him too. Through his screams, seizures, frothing at the mouth and wanting to run, I held him, tightly, refusing to let him go. I walked with him for 4 hours, occasionally stopping to check if his heart was still beating.
At about 10.30am he began panting, as a dog does when it's hot. I moved out of the sun but still kept Charli wrapped up as I couldn't bear to see that terrified look in his eyes again. Slowly, he moved his head out from under the blanket and the look was gone and he looked peaceful but a little inquisitive. After 11am I lay him in his bed with the blanket on his body to keep him warm. He lay there exhausted, watching everything, but not moving.A couple of hours later, he sat up and practically drained the bowl of water I'd placed near him.
I don't know how Charli survived but we are all so grateful that he did.'s hard to believe the horror my little dog went through. He's showing no ill-effects of what he went through.

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