Monday, May 14, 2012

Khloee and Killer

We recently lost 2 members of our family, Khloee (aka Miss K, Princess Khloee) and Killer (aka Kilbey) to 1080 baits. Coming home and finding them was hard for us all.

Martin really misses his mate. Killer went practically everywhere with him. I can still hear Killer's 2 barks as Martin crosses the front grid in the Nissan. I can still hear Killer whimpering as he watched Khloee and Charli  play on the front lawn...he wasn't allowed in the garden. (That didn't stop him jumping over the fence when no-one was watching.) I still go to say "Don't forget to tie Killer up" when we hang the washing at night. Killer had a heart of gold and he adored Miss K..she behaved like an absolute floozy around him.

I can still hear Miss Khloee going in and out of the dog door. I still look for her wagging tail under the blanket in the dog bed in the laundry. I still see her dancing up the hall towards us. I still feel her jumping up against my legs, letting me know she was there. I still hear her playing with Charli. She was an absolute delight and while she was the only female dog, she kept the boys in their place. Charli adored her and was always cleaning her face and her ears. From the beginning she was always a "Princess with Attitude." She bore 2 beautiful litters of pups and of those there was one little female, we called her Princess and she was just like her mum.
We may have had them for only 2 1/2 years, but Killer and Khloee will never be forgotten.

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